Large order from USA

October 18th, 2018 – H2flow Controls, Inc. (SYLVANIA, OH). H2flow Controls is pleased to announce the shipment of their largest-ever order of FlowVis flow meters to Europe.

The 5,000-piece order was placed by the company’s Switzerland-based distributor in August, and is scheduled for shipment on October 19th. The order consisted of models designed specifically for the European market: FV-C-M-DN40; FV-C-M-DN50/65; FV-M-DN80; and FV-M-DN100.

Said H2flow CEO, Paul Hackett, “We’ve been seeing a steady increase in shipments of our FlowVis products to Europe this year, while at the same time, our home markets have grown by over 30%. This performance is a reflection of the global markets acceptance of such a strong product and its unrivaled performance”.