H2flow Controls, Inc. announces that FlowVis® models FV-3, FV-4, FV-C-Saline, and FV-C-S have all passed NSF 50 testing.

H2flow Controls, Inc., a privately-owned Ohio corporation, is pleased to announce that their extremely successful line of FlowVis® flow meters now includes NSF 50 approval for models: FV-3, FV-4, FV-C-Saline, and FV-C-S. These models join FV-C (received NSF 50 approval in October 2012) to form the most accurate and reliable portfolio of NSF 50 approved flow meters developed specifically for the pool, spa, fountain, water feature and flotation tank industries.

With the recent unanimous approval of the NSF 50 Flow Meter Standard, users of these products are now afforded an independent verification of the product’s important features such as head loss, pressure rating and most importantly, their accuracy. The Standard provides Five Levels of accuracy to which a product can be certified (L1 – L5). L1 is by far, the most demanding and requires a product to achieve a very impressive average accuracy of greater than 98%; L2 = 95%; L3 = 90%; L4 = 87.5%; L5 = 85%.

FlowVis® models FV-3 and FV-4 are designed for 3” and 4” Schedule 80 pipe and have been certified to L1. FlowVis® model FV-C-Saline, which has been developed specifically for Float Tank applications, and FlowVis® model FV-C-S, developed for systems that have an SVRS unit installed, have each achieved an L1 certification. 

The FlowVis model (FV-C) has been in service since 2012 and is designed for 2” or 2.5” Schedule 40 pipe. It was the first flow meter in the world to be tested to the NSF 50 standard and was certified to L1.

The family of FlowVis® flow meters is the only NSF 50 approved, Level 1 flow meter available that is designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains, water features, and flotation tanks. Indeed, FlowVis® is more than twice as accurate as any other NSF 50 certified flow meter on the market today. Says H2flow CEO, Paul Hackett, “It has been our intent from the outset to take these new models thru the NSF 50 certification process, and the test results have re-affirmed our belief that FlowVis® is worthy of all the praise and accolades that it receives. These results only further substantiate the fact that FlowVis® truly is the industry’s most accurate flow meter”.

For more information about the FlowVis® flow meter, please visit www.h2floweurope.com or call 609.31.52.82