Visiting PS-POOL in Spain

Marcelo Ragno (PS-POOL Manager), Emilio Texidor (VP Sales Europe H2Flow Controls Inc.), Patrik Sanden (PS-POOL Owner).

Last week we visited the facilities of our distributor of Flowvis in Spain, PS-POOL. We are very proud to have such a professional and experienced company for the distribution of FlowVis throughout Spain.

Caudalímetro Flowvis
Distribuidor caudalímetro flowvis España

(Demonstration pool at PS-POOL headquarters)

(PS-COVER high quality pool covers manufacture)

During our visit we were able to observe that PS POOL is a company committed to quality, efficiency and sustainability in all its areas of activity. Its PS-WATER division, dedicated to the design of public aquatic facilities of all kinds, surprised us very positively. As well as its new PS-COVER division specialising in the manufacture of high quality pool covers.

We also visited the engineering department where we were able to see the high level of professionalism and quality in their aquatic projects, some of them really impressive!

Patrik Sanden told us many interesting things about the sector, PS-POOL and FlowVis. We leave you the interview below:

How did it all start? Tell us a bit about the history of PS-POOL and its origins.

Patrik – We are Swedish, my father knew Spain since 53 because my grandfather had a Swedish company that imported fruit from all over the world and from Spain mainly from Valencia to Almeria. And because of fruit business, he spent some time in the United States in the area of California where he saw a lot of villas with swimming pools and it was there where he thought that the whole area from Valencia to Almeria could be like the future garden of Europe, like California or Florida.

Shortly after settling in an office in Valencia to control the export of fruit to Sweden, my father met a Swede in Marbella who built swimming pools. Being a keen swimmer, breaststroke champion and swimming and pool enthusiast, he decided to visit this man in Marbella, who was also working with an American company that was already selling automatic integrated pool cleaners at that time.

Finally, my father came back with an order for filters and pumps for swimming pools… when he hadn’t even set up the company yet! After a trip to the United States to learn about guniting, he returned to Spain and set up three offices: Valencia, Jávea and Alfas del Pi.

When I started working with my father, I preferred to start another business line with a B2B approach and started to distribute the integrated automatic cleaning system for swimming pools in Spain. That is how the distribution started.

What do you think is the post-pandemic forecast for the pool and spa sector in Spain?

– Patrik – The prediction is very good. In fact, this year that we are coming out of the pandemic, we are seeing that people are betting on comfort in their homes. I remember talking about it at an EUSA luncheon on 8 March 2020 where I said: I think this is going to be good for the sector, because people are not going to be able to travel as much and they are going to move for home comfort and invest in their homes.

There has been an increase in the sector, and this is going to continue. Next year will be a great year for the pool and spa sector.

What would be the differentiating element of PS-POOL in the pool and spa market?

– Patrik – Since 1998, we have always differentiated ourselves by looking for quality products, mainly imported from abroad, and by the service we provide. We have always been looking for the medium-high level of the sector and we are well known for having the best products and a lot of knowledge and foreign contacts to be aware of the latest developments in the market. That is why we are the best partner for any high level manufacturer.

Could you tell us about one of your projects that you are very proud of?

– Patrik – Being able to fight in such a competitive market as Spain, where there are major manufacturers of swimming pool materials, and finding the niche to have this medium-high level segment is already something we are very proud of.

I am also very proud of the new additions to the company such as PS-WATER, which is a division of public swimming pools in which we work with a very sustainable approach and is having a very good acceptance and we have a long way to go. As well as the pool cover factory that we have set up, which I am also very proud of because in one year we have been providing a very good service and our customers are very happy. We always approach everything in the same way: Quality, good service and fast delivery.

What did you think when you first saw a FlowVis?

– Patrik – I saw it at a trade fair in Lyon in 2008, an American company was exhibiting it. As I was already a distributor of the Dryden Aqua AFM system and it was very important for us to control the filtration speed to get the maximum quality of the pool water, I saw that FlowVis was perfect for that and so I tried it and I liked it very much. Later, at another trade fair in Lyon, I presented it to Dryden.

The advantage of FlowVis, as far as I could see, is that we could put it between the pump and the filter to know the flow rate for filtering and washing. Apart from its constructive simplicity, it does not cause any problems. 

Now that you have been working with the FlowVis flowmeter for a few years, what do you think is the most relevant contribution or innovation of this product?

– Patrik – Everyone who has installed it is very happy because they know what is happening in their installation, and the most important innovation is the Digital, because in more advanced installations such as public pools or hotel pools, it is a very valuable contribution because you can monitor and have another type of control over the installation.


Do you think FlowVis covers a basic need in a pool or spa installation?

– Patrik – For anyone who is concerned about having their installation under control, it is essential. It is, as they say in English, a “MUST”. You can’t have an installation without knowing the flow rate that is happening and especially with variable speed pumps that as soon as you start playing with the Hertz, you don’t know very well what the pump is giving and it is very important to know it to be able to adapt it to speeds or other systems.

Do you think that the new digital version of FlowVis provides an advantage and valuable information for the user or maintainer?

– Patrik – It is very valuable information, it is a way to monitor the installation and know what is happening at all times. You can also add a lot of options to be able to control the installation.

Caudalímetro FlowVis
Caudalímetro Flowvis
Caudalímetro Flowvis España

PS POOL always uses FlowVis flowmeters in all its pools and filter systems with AFM from @DrydenAqua because they can always be installed between the pump and the filter due to their ease of installation in any position and even close to elbows. This makes it possible to know the flow rate for filtering and filter backwashing at all times.

Without a doubt, after this visit we can say that FlowVis is in very good hands.

We predict a great future for PS-POOL and for this innovative and revolutionary flowmeter for pools and spas, FlowVis.

Emilio Texidor (VP Sales Europe H2Flow Controls Inc.), Patrik Sanden (PS-POOL Owner), Emili Texidor Jr. ( Marketing H2flow Europe).